Friday, January 16, 2009

Jefferson Davis and the Anchuca Mansion

In January of 1869 (the actual day is unknown), former President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, spoke to the citizens of Vicksburg, Mississippi from the balcony of one of the town's mansions. The particular home was Anchuca Mansion, which at the time was owned by Davis's brother, Joseph Davis. Many sources cite the speech as his conciliatory remarks marking an end to the American Civil War, but the conflict had been over for four years by that point. Rather, it would be one of his last public speeches after having becoming essentially banned from political life for his leadership of the Confederacy.

His brother, Joseph, would pass away one year later and Anchuca Mansion would again trade hands. The property was one of the few in Vicksburg to escape damage from the famous Siege of Vicksburg that resulted in a Union victory, though it would see the damage caused by the lives that were adversely affected that took shelter inside its walls. Like other homes in the city, it is also ripe with ghost sightings and reported paranormal activity. The tales of the mansion, which today serves as a bed and breakfast, include the apparitions of a Civil War-era soldier and daughter of a former owner.

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-Casey H.

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