Sunday, April 5, 2009

Murder in a Haunted Mansion

Three years ago today, the FBI searched the Charles Kreischer House for evidence of a murder committed on the property. The historical mansion has long been the site of reported paranormal activity. Mysterious disembodied sounds are said to be heard echoing through the Kreischer mansion's halls in the darkest hours of the night. People have reported seeing apparitions of both a man and a woman in 19th century clothing wandering about the largely unoccupied rooms of the old manse. These days the house serves as home only to a caretaker, charged with maintaining the home which once belonged to a prominent local family. It is because of a former caretaker with mafia ties that the FBI came to pay a visit upon the Charles Kreischer House.

Joseph Young, the caretaker in question, lured a fellow mob associate to the mansion where Young and his cohorts lay in ambush. The victim, Robert McKelvey, had made the mistakes of owing money to the wrong person and talking a bit too loosely about his exploits with the Bonnano crime family. In spring of 2005, McKelvey paid for his mistakes with his life. He didn't readily accept his fate, fighting until the last; McKelvey was beaten, stabbed, strangled and drowned before he finally expired... and then crime got even more gruesome as Young and his accomplices set about the grisly task of disposing of McKelvey's remains within the mansion. Recently, on March 13, 2009 (a Friday the 13th), Joseph Young was sentenced to life in prison for multiple crimes, including the murder of Robert McKelvey.

Some have wondered if the murder of Mckelvey added yet another lingering spirit to the dusty old corridors of the Charles Kreischer House.

Pay a visit to the Charles Kreischer House and learn about two other deaths connected with the mansion (one of them was less than a year ago).

-Tom G

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