Friday, May 8, 2009

Cursed Videotapes in Astoria

Five years ago today, filmmakers behind the horror sequel, The Ring Two, held an open casting call in Astoria, Oregon looking for extras to appear in the new film. The event was held at the Astoria Middle School, which ironically also managed to land its own role in the film as the school of Aidan Keller (David Dorfman), the son (and later vessel of the evil spirit) of the main character, Rachel (Naomi Watts). Following the box office success of the first film (which itself was a remake of the Japanese horror film, Ringu), a sequel was quickly given the green light.

The action shifted from Seattle, Washington from the first film to this small port city on the northwest corner of Oregon. Rachel and Aidan fled to Astoria (also playing itself in the film) to escape from the evil force known as Samara, who kills anyone who happens to watch her cursed videotape. The middle school was not the only local setting to make an appearance in the film, as production took place at various spots around the community. The area might be familiar to moviegoers for its appearances in other films as well. Aside from The Ring Two, Astoria has also been utilized for such films as The Goonies (and we have a few of those locations as well), Kindergarten Cop, Short Circuit, Free Willy, and many more.

Most recently, Astoria appeared in the Lovecraft-inspired film, Cthulhu, and I have already personally visited many of the locations seen in that film. Keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks as they are added to the list as well. In the meantime, check out the various locations we have assembled that appeared in the 2005 horror sequel, The Ring Two:

Astoria Middle School (Aidan's school)
The City Park (opening scene)
Crossover Road (deer attack)
The Daily Astorian (Rachel's employer)
The Keller House (the home of the main characters)

-Casey H.

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Anonymous said...

that's cool! i live on a peninsula in so cal just south of l.a. and some of "the pirates of the carribean" movie was shot on our coast. unfortunately, i didn't see johnny.