Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vampire Proms and Ghosts at the View Point Inn

On this date in 1925, the now world-famous View Point Inn opened its doors and offered its guests a spectacular view of the Columbia River Gorge in Corbett, Oregon. Although originally opened as the Palmer House, the inn underwent various name changes with consecutive owners until current owner Geoff Thompson reopened the facility in 2007.

Since its purchase and reopening, staff and guests alike have reported unexplained ghostly phenomenon. Among the wide-range of activity cited (credited to not one but two ghosts) are cigar smoke that appears from nowhere, disembodied footsteps, doors that open and close on their own, drapes that jump off their supports, the sounds of a child giggling, and more. Although its paranormal stories are only now coming to light, the View Point Inn is perhaps more famous for its recent appearance in the 2008 hit vampire film, Twilight. In the film, the inn played host to the famous prom sequence, which appears at the end of the movie. Not missing an opportunity when it lands on their laps, the View Point Inn continues to host Twilight-themed parties and events to this day.

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-Casey H.

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Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

LOL! You are right about them not missing an opportunity.

The studio got a hold of us last Halloween to hand out Twilight stuff during our events. Knowing that, the View Point then partnered with us (Davis Graveyard) last year when we had our fundraiser - the offered dinners at the hotel for our "Vampire" gift baskets.

Being in marketing myself, I have to say I was impressed :)

Also beautiful venue, and the owners will tell you ghost stories all night if you let them :)