Monday, February 23, 2009

The Haunted Tombstones of Mount Holly Cemetery

Tucked away in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas is a 20-acre cemetery that has often been called the "Westminster Abbey of Arkansas." The cemetery was established on this day in 1843 and is now the home to countless historical individuals that played a major role either on the state or the federal level - giving it that distinguished nickname. Mount Hope Cemetery holds no less than six U.S. Senators, 10 Governors, four Confederate Generals, 14 State Supreme Court Justices, 21 Mayors of Little Rock, and the Arkansas Boy Martyr of the Confederacy - David Owen Dodd.

The cemetery is gaining a reputation for an entirely different reason as well. Visitors to the grounds have reported a wide range of strange activity. If you believe the stories, various tombstones have mysteriously shown up on the lawns of neighboring houses in the middle of the night. Who or what moved them is a matter of speculation. Of course, if you couple it with the reports of those very statues and tombs startling a guest to the grounds by slightly moving, one has to wonder. Other reports include apparitions in period clothing and the echoing calls of a flute playing when no one else is around. Tricks of the mind or is something far stranger going on in Mount Holly Cemetery?

Look into the stories of Mount Holly Cemetery.

-Casey H.

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