Monday, April 6, 2009

The Haunted Battleground of Shiloh

On this day in 1862, Confederate forces launched a surprise assault on Union troops near the Shiloh Meeting House in Tennessee. The resulting battle lasted two days and killed thousands of men and left many more wounded. Even the Confederate general who planned the attack was a fatality of the fight. While it was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War up until that point, it would be surpassed by even bloodier battles that followed. Many years later the battlefield became a national park.

Like a number of locations associated with death and suffering resulting from the war, there are tales of haunting at the battlefield of Shiloh. Phantoms sounds are said to puncture the stillness of late night hours at times. An apparition of a woman in white is said to wander about Shiloh National Military Park, searching for those in need of help. There is also a pond that legend has it, has been known to turn red with the blood of soldiers who bled into the water so many years ago.

Venture to Shiloh National Military Park and learn more about the battle and the tales of haunting.

-Tom G

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