Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween - Presidential Style

Considering this Halloween is followed shortly thereafter by a United States presidential election, I figured it was appropriate to combine the themes for this entry. This Halloween attraction is set just outside Nashville, Tennessee and at the former mansion and farm of President Andrew Jackson. Each year, the Hermitage is transformed into a Halloween attraction for a few days in October and the ghosts that reportedly haunt the property are the main attraction.

Though it is only open for two nights, the Hauntings at the Hermitage has drawn around 3,000 visitors in recent years. The event includes a haunted hayride around the property with ghosts around every corner, a candlelight walk through the Jackson family cemetery and Jackson's tomb, pumpkin carving, a movie, and more. The true highlight of the event is said to be the ghost stories of the property, as well as even a mention of the infamous Tennessee Bell Witch.

Many people believe that the Hermitage is indeed haunted by the spirits of President Jackson and his wife, Rachel. The prevailing theory is that the spirit of Jackson became enraged after the Hermitage fell into disrepair after his death in 1845 and made his presence known. After it was saved by a local organization in 1889, he allegedly stuck around to keep an eye on the property.

Visit the ghosts of the presidential past at the Hermitage.

-Casey H.

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