Saturday, October 25, 2008

ScreamWorld Lives Up to Its Name

Down in Houston, Texas, you can trace the roots of this Halloween haunted attraction back to 1989. It was that year that co-owner Jim Fetterly unleashed his first haunt on an unsuspecting world. Within a few years, he hired a 16-year-old, Mike Darling, as an actor in the haunt marking the start of what would be a long-standing partnership. The duo worked together as the haunts continued to grow and multiply - ultimately expanding to three separate haunts in the Houston-area before finally combing them all into one multi-attraction Halloween haunt.

ScreamWorld officially got its start in 2001 when the three haunts were brought together on a 4.5-acre lot and 12,000-square-foot building. Today, the haunt has expanded into five separate attractions and several "fright-filled areas" and utilizes Hollywood-style animatronics and special effects to unnerve the 30,000 or so guests they host each season. Fetterly and Darling's efforts have paid off as ScreamWorld is now considered one of the premiere Halloween haunted attractions around the United States.

It's a Scream, Baby!

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