Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Trip Into The Darkness

For today, we are going to head to the Gateway City itself, Saint Louis, Missouri, and one of the world's most famous Halloween haunted attractions. The Darkness is the brainchild of Larry Kirchner and Jim Kelly of Halloween Productions, Inc. It got its start in 1993 and has been wooing critics and guests alike ever since. Television shows, magazines, and more have lauded their technical expertise and design. In fact, the latest addition to the haunt is a full-fledged simulated swamp on the second floor that is so convincing and cutting edge, it was prominently featured on an episode of History's Modern Marvels.

Halloween Productions, Inc. is a full-time business for the partners. Aside from The Darkness, the duo consult, design, and construct spooky sets for countless other haunted attractions around the world. They even run an outdoor Halloween haunt in nearby Fenton called Creepyworld, but the duo still consider The Darkness their signature haunt. The attraction features a wide array of sophisticated animated monsters, computer effects, special effects, and live actors to keep their guests on their toes. With the notoriety they have received, the haunt attracts around 30,000 of those guests each season.

So come on and head on in to The Darkness.

-Casey H.


Mr. Karswell said...

Once again we didn't make it to The Darkness this year, maybe try this weekend since it's open for a few days after Halloween. But we live just a few miles from Scarefest and went last nigth and it's worth every penny-- that is, if you survive the lines!

Happy Halloween from THOIA!

"Bones" said...

This place looks amazing! I'm so jealous of anyone who lives close enough to check it out. All the haunted houses in New York are lame.