Friday, December 19, 2008

Gift Ideas for Dark Travelers

Dark Destinations has a new feature! Last night we premiered the Dark Destinations Library at It is a list of books and DVDs that are helpful to anyone planning to travel to dark locations. It also happens to provide a list of great gift ideas for any dark travelers, paranormal investigators, horror fans, etc. in your life.

The Dark Destinations Library supplements the preexisting Dark Destinations Internet Resources page, where we recommend other Web sites for further help in researching dark locations. The Library will be an ever-expanding list that will provide a synopsis and mini-review of the books and DVDs featured. It also allows site users to rate and comment on the featured items. If you have a book or DVD that isn't on our list yet and you'd like to recommend it, write us and let us know.

Pay a visit to the Dark Destinations Library.

-Tom G

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