Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks and Happy New Year

As the year draws to a close, Casey and I wanted to show gratitude to all of you who have supported and Dark Destinations. 2008 marked two years since returned from its five year sabbatical from the Internet. It also marked the first full year of Dark Destinations being public. It has has been a year of rapid growth: hundreds of new articles were published to Dark Destinations, we gained new contributors, started a blog and brought it to multiple Web sites. We also gained a significant number of regular readers. Dark Destinations also began a new feature called the Dark Destinations Library. We have another Dark Destinations related feature that will hopefully make its debut in 2009. This new feature has been in the works for over a year at this point and will hopefully knock your socks off when it arrives. 2009 looks like it will be an even greater year for us, and that is largely due to all of you.

We'd like to thank all of the haunted attractions who have added their haunts to our database. It is great to see the businesses we are trying to support interacting directly with us to help promote their establishments. Thanks also goes to those who became members of and contributed articles and photos to the database. Among those contributors we give special thanks to Beth "Bloody Freak" Clark, Richard Squires, John Dedeke, Adrian R., Dementia, Kelly Rain, April A. Taylor, Astrida Merritt, bamalca03 and jrock420cfh.

We'd also like to thank all of the people and organizations who have provided us with information, interviews and tours of locations over the past year. Among those who have helped us in this fashion are the City of St. Helens, Oregon and Dandelion Communications, Kenny Caperton, Kim and Steve from the Officer's Inn Bed & Breakfast, Clatsop County Historical Society, John Goodenberger, Mick Alderman of 2001 Productions, Regina Willkie of the Astoria Chamber of Commerce, the View Point Inn, The Rochester Historical Society, J.D. and Cathee from the Museum of Death and a whole lot of haunted attractions.

Casey and I also want to thank the radio shows and podcasts that invited us to be guests on their programs. Thank you to everyone at NightWatch, Ghostman and Demon Hunter, Ghost Chronicles and I100 Classic Rock in Ithaca, NY. Thanks also to Dark Party Review for the recent blog interview.

Hopefully we've remembered everybody who deserves to be on this thank you list. The last folks we want to thank are you, our readers. The comments and feedback we recieve from you helps inspire us onward and at times has provided us with information which has led to further articles. We also know that one of the ways we've picked up new readers has been through your word of mouth. Thank you for spreading the word about Dark Destinations and

Have a Happy New Year!

-Tom G


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
stay true to what you do~

The Captain said...

Have a happy and safe 2009!