Friday, December 12, 2008

The Spirits of the Whitney Restaurant

On December 12, 1986, the Whitney re-opened its doors to the population of Detroit, Michigan as a first class restaurant. The facility was once home to Detroit-resident David Whitney Jr. and wife Sarah and was one of the most elaborate mansions in the city. Both David and Sarah were believed to have passed away in the home and the mansion would later passed from owner to owner - at one time serving as a medical society's headquarters. It was finally purchased by Richard Kughn in 1980 and after six years of renovations was re-established as The Whitney restaurant.

It was reportedly during its renovations into a restaurant when the echoes of the past began to be felt and heard. Staff and guests alike have reported unusual phenomena from all three floors of the facility and strongly believe that facility is haunted by more than one spirit. The stories are so common these days that they have been the focus of past events that have probed the facility's paranormal past.

Read the ghostly tales of The Whitney.

-Casey H.

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