Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut House

With the feature film adaptation set for release tomorrow, and also personally being a fan of the 2002 Discovery Channel docudrama adaptation of the same story, Tom and I have been working diligently to look into the past of the actual "Haunting in Connecticut" in Southington, Connecticut. As many know, the house was formerly used as a funeral home and a family's experiences there in the years after are today known as the "Southington Funeral Home Case" in the world of the paranormal.

The article actually represents one of the first times that Tom and I tag-teamed on a new article and both took turns looking into the stories and adding to the account. As is typical with articles we write, we found that the alleged reports of a haunting were only part of the story and that the rest could be as equally (if not more so) fascinating. So we did our best to compile the history, the family's encounters, the alleged exorcism, the press and the controversies, the skeptics, the many media adaptations, and the current status of the home and members of the family - Far too much to summarize here. Somehow, we even managed to sort-of work in politicians as bookends to the entire piece. The article went live last Friday and we have been completely overwhelmed by the response, as it easily has been one of our most popular new articles ever. So before you head out to see the film tomorrow, find out what we were able to dig up about the history and reported details of the case.

Read the history of the Haunting in Connecticut House.

-Casey H.

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Anonymous said...

Our ghost group will being heading to the cinema to see the movie saturday. Will see how that goes. Kind of funny to see the same people that investigated the house initially were the same people that investigated the well known Amityville house.