Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Jack Bauer of the American Revolution

March 15 is known as Peter Francisco Day in the states of Virginia, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Who is Peter Francisco, you ask? Have you ever heard that joke that emerged following the popularity 24, that goes something like - "Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas when he goes to bed"? Well, if half of the stories of Francisco are true, both of those icons might want to rethink their nightly attire. A basic checklist of Francisco's accomplishments might look something like this:

Arrive in America in a shroud of mystery and be taken in by an affluent family - Check.

Attend Patrick Henry's famous "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" speech - Check.

Join the Colonial Army and fight battles in Brandywine, Germantown, Fort Mifflin, and Monmouth - Check.

Be injured multiple times in above battles and bounce right back - Check.

Survive the harsh winter at Valley Forge - Check.

Get surrounded by the British militia at the Battle of Camden, spear a British soldier, steal his horse, break through enemy lines, give said horse to his injured commanding officer, and carry an 1,100 pound cannon on his shoulders to assure it did not fall in enemy hands - Check.

Encounter nine to eleven British soldiers in a Virginia tavern and single-handily fight them off in what is now known as "Francisco's Fight" - Check.

Witness the British surrender at Yorktown - Check.

Be called a "One-Man-Army" by General George Washington - Check.

Of course, Bauer and Superman are fictional heroes, while Francisco was the real-deal, as is witnessed by his tombstone at Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia - After finally being struck down of appendicitis while in his 70s. The above are only a few of the miraculous accounts of the heroics of Peter Francisco, which few historians have attempted to shoot down. It is enough to make one wonder why Hollywood hasn't turned his life story into a feature film just yet. With that in mind, read more of the stories of Francisco's feats at the link below and feel free to play a casting agent here and let us know who should play Francisco on the big screen when the time comes.

Pay a visit to Francisco's grave at Shockoe Hill Cemetery.

-Casey H.


Dracenea said...

1,100 pound cannon? Wow! This would make a great movie. He's the original superhero.

Johnny Ghoul said...

That Peter Francisco was a bad mutha-SHUT YO MOUTH!-hey man, I'm just talkin' 'bout Peter Francisco....

Unknown said...

Thank you for recognizing my great-grandfather on your blog! I am a 6th generation descendant and I stand 6'6" tall just like Peter Francisco (a.k.a. Hercules of the Revolution). I have dedicated my life to telling his story which I've done by writing a historical novel based on his life. Also, I have a short documentary about Peter coming this July on the History Channel. Hopefully, one day soon a movie will be in theaters, but I'm still working on that.

- Travis Bowman

Unknown said...

Rafa Nadal (tennis player) would make Peter Francsico come alive on the big screen. He is lacking in height and weight however, cameras can take care of that. I bleive Rafa could bulk up more too if he ever ventured out of tennis. He is the right skin tone, eye color and most important he has the fight in him!!! In addition to the fact he has a youthful look about him. I loved Peter he is my hero! If there was ever a hero to have it is Peter Francisco.