Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Small Bridge and a Girl Named Emily

The New England state of Vermont was granted statehood into the United States of America on March 4, 1791. On the anniversary of the milestone, I thought it be a good occasion to tell you one of the state's more celebrated "Dark Destinations". Near the small village of Moscow, near the town of Stowe, is a small, one-lane, Howe truss-designed bridge that is officially known as either Gold Brook Bridge or Stowe Hollow Bridge. Locally, and to paranormal enthusiasts, it is better known as "Emily's Bridge" after a particular spirit that is said to haunt the structure.

According to the most popular version of the legend (and there are a few different versions), Emily fell in love with a boy from the area although her parents disapproved and forbade her to see him. The couple kept their relationship in the shadows with secret rendezvous at the bridge. They continued to do this until they hatched a plot where they would meet at the spot late one night and run away together. Emily came and waited, but the boy didn't show. She continued to wait until the morning hours and when he still hadn't showed and she realized he had abandoned her, she hung herself from the rafters in despair.

Stories of odd occurrences being reported on the bridge apparently date back to its early history where horse-drawn carriages would come to a halt before the entrance with the horses refusing to budge or enter. Others reported hearing the sound of feet dragging across the rooftop of the vehicle from a presumably still-hanging phantom and strange anomalies in photographs taken inside the bridge. The stories of Emily's Bridge are plentiful and chilling - earning it special attention from paranormal shows like Haunted History. According to modern day accounts, ghostly activity is still being reported and the examples above are only a few of the many encounters reported.

Dare a trip through Emily's Bridge.

-Casey H.

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Dracenea said...

This story sounds familiar to me. Maybe I saw a show on it before.

I believe that there's something there if horses are reacting to it. In my experience, animals can sense paranormal activity.