Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hunt Ghosts this Weekend at the Whitney Restaurant

On Saturday, October 25, Haunted Travels of Michigan authors Kathleen Tedsen and Beverlee Rydel are teaming up with the Highland Ghost Hunters to treat guests to a paranormal-themed night in the reputedly haunted Whitney Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. The evening will consist of a three-course meal at the five-star restaurant, a presentation of the haunted history by the authors, followed by a thorough ghost hunt conducted by the paranormal investigation team.

The Whitney Restaurant was originally built in 1894 for the family of lumber baron David Whitney Jr. and none other than Thomas Edison himself installed the original electrical work. Whitney passed away in 1900, but his family continued to live in the house until the 1920s when it was turned into the headquarters of a medical society. It would later pass into the hands of the Visiting Nurses Association before being purchased in 1980 and converted into first-class restaurant that opened in 1986.

Stories of ghostly activity began around the time of its refurbishment and have continued ever since - becoming "...one of the most active in paranormal activity," according to Rydel. Join the group as they discuss the haunted history of the mansion and partake in actual ghost hunt to see if you might be turn up evidence of the afterlife. Reservations are required, so contact the Whitney Restaurant: Nicole DeSalvio, Event Manager at 313-832-5700. For more information on this event or future events, visit the Haunted Travels Web site. You can also contact the group through their MySpace account.

Seek the spirits that haunt the Whitney Restaurant.

-Casey H.

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