Friday, October 31, 2008

Kill, Kill, Kill, Ma, Ma, Ma!

Happy Birthday to Betsy Palmer. The actress turns 82 today on All Saints Day. Betsy has been acting in films since the 1950s and continues to work; acting in last year's Bell Witch: The Movie, another movie based on the stories of the Bell Witch in Tennessee.

However, Betsy is most often remembered for her role as Pamela Voorhees in Friday the 13th. Before her son donned his cloth sack or hockey mask, Pamela was the terror of Camp Crystal Lake; avenging her son's "death" in her own psychotic way. She just lost her head (alright, I'm going to stop now before I turn into the Crypt Keeper).

In honor of Betsy's birthday, today's Dark Destination is the Blairstown Diner. This diner was used in the filming of the first Friday the 13th movie and is still recognizable from the film. In the movie, the character of Steve Christy has his last meal at the diner shortly before his fatal run-in with Mrs. Voorhees.

Pull up a table at Blairstown Diner, just don't go visiting Camp Crystal Lake after.

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