Monday, October 27, 2008

Scream at the Beach and a Haunted Carousel

Today's entry takes to Hayden Island on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon and the annual Halloween haunted attraction, Scream at the Beach. This attraction has been set at the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter on the island since 2001 and has grown to be recognized as one of the most popular Halloween events in the Pacific Northwest. It is also a full-time job for creator/producer Henry Miller who channeled his over 20 years of haunt experience into the attraction.

Scream at the Beach is separated into five different haunts throughout the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter mall. Vampire, mutants, zombies, evil clowns and more are divvied up throughout the attractions and await the unsuspecting masses. And if they are not enough excitement, the haunt also features a Mini Glow Golf Course, tarot readings, live bands, and outdoor carnival rides. Oh, and did I mention that visitors can also ride an actual haunted carousel?

The 1921 C.W. Parker Carousel is the last reminder that the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter used to be the home to the sprawling 123-acre Jantzen Beach Amusement Park until 1970. Besides being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the carousel also is reportedly home to the ghosts of a small boy and girl. Visitors to the carousel over the years have reported seeing two children, dressed in clothing from the 1920s, playing inside the machinery room in the center when its doors are open. They are mostly reported by other children (some of which report the children talking to them), but also by the occasional adult.

Not missing a beat, Scream at the Beach incorporates that haunted history of the C.W. Parker Carousel into the haunt and it is included in their "Screamer Special" package. Guests to the Halloween attraction can take a ride on the carousel and look into the stories themselves.

Time to Scream at the Beach.

Or go play with the children on the C.W. Parker Carousel at Jantzen Beach SuperCenter.

-Casey H.

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